Spectacular Woodchopping!

Not only we have the leading woodchoppers in the world but also our very own NT champion.  See these champions compete against each other at the 2018 Show.

Darren Steer

Master of Ceremonies and King Chairmaker
Darren has been visiting Freds Pass Show for over 10 years and will provide all the highlights as they happen at this year’s Show.  He is 51 years of age and lives in Sheffield in Tasmania.  He owns his own tree removal business and has been woodchopping for over 27 years.  He is a 3rd generation woodchopper.  Darren has won events Australia wide at all major royal shows.

Kelly Oakley

Kelly is a tree lopper and is married with four children.  He has won numerous championships throughout Australia.  Kelly is a current member of the Tasmanian Team.  Kelly Oakley is recognised as one of the best Axe Grinders and sends his work worldwide.

Sam Cook

Sam is in his early 20’s and works as a concreter in Tasmania.  He is a 3rd generation chopper and has been chopping from a very young age.  He is a very accomplished axeman and good in the tree.  Not to be missed!

Andrew Kelly

Andrew heralds from Tasmania and is a very accomplished axeman.  He attained 8th in the World Chop (13” standing block) held recently in Burnie on New Year’s Day 2018.

Cody Steer

Cody is two times world Champion and won Axeman of the Year in 2017.  He recently won a world title for 15” standing block in Rotorua in New Zealand on 27 January 2018 and he also won the 2018 Axeman of the Show.

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Chainsaw Carving

Brandon Kroon

"Creating inspiring works of art and bringing wood form to life is what chainsaw sculpture is all about."

Brandon Kroon has been passionate about creating, fixing and working with his hands ever since he could remember. Entering in to the carving and sculpting scene in 2013; he has done a wide selection of artworks through Australia, competed in the National Carving Championship four times running and has attended many shows and demonstrations along the way.

Located in Melbourne's outer east, in Mount Evelyn; Brandon has been mentored by some of the country's best carvers and has taken his own personal style into the industry.

Brandon's carving profession has also taken him onto the international scale; this year competing among the world's best at the 2017 US Open Chainsaw Carving Championship and took home fourth.