Patron’s Message

History shows us that agricultural shows hold a great meaning for Australian communities from their humble beginnings in 1822 in Tasmanian where the first show was held to today’s wonderful community events such as the ever popular Fred’s pass Show. Agricultural shows are an excellent vehicle to bring people together in the vastness of our lands and because many people and families are geographically isolated and a once a year show presents opportunities to meet, talk, exchange breeding programmes and talk farming technology, show case produce and handicraft and for families to enjoy fun and entertainment all day long.

The core of any agricultural show historically was farming or rural activities and modern days show continue this theme although somewhat diluted. We should not lose sight of the fact that shows are about produce off the land and the people who work the land. Shows are about a celebration of life and without farmers and their efforts we would be poorer and probably hungry.

Thank you to the hard working and dedicated show committee, volunteers, exhibitors and all who love the best show in the Territory. Happy show time and best wishes to everyone.

Hon. Kezia Purick MLA
Member for Goyder and Speaker of the Legislative Assembly.

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