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Would you like an extraordinary Freds Pass Rural Show? Be part of the solution to the running of this fantastic rural event! Its all done by volunteers that want to keep this iconic rural show running for many more years to come! Fresh perspectives and helpers are always needed and wanted!  Would you like to have some fun and meet some great people?

We are looking for you! Freds Pass Rural Show is accepting applications for Volunteers for your 2020 show! As a Volunteer, help may be required in the following areas:

  • Administration Support
  • Childrens areas setup/pack up, helping at the event
  • Sponsors
  • Show Hall (Art, craft, cookery, photography, market garden, horticulture)
  • Office assistance, data entry, prize money, laminating, signage, filing, phone calls
  • School Garden Competition
  • Outback Track, maps, set up, organising
  • Information Booth: setup/pack up.
  • Livestock set up/pack up
  • Poultry set up/pack up, cleaning up of equipment/sand/chicken manure
  • Noel's Ark set up/pack up, cleanup
  • Equestrian set up(eg Showjumping arena)
  • Grounds
  • VIP Catering
  • Opening ceremony and grand parade
  • Roustabout
  • Transport
  • Other - Specify
  • Rubbish clean up after the show
  • Assisting in clean up of equipment/ packing up assets.
  • Fuelling up lighting towers/generators
  • fixing toilets  & ATM's when required
  • Delivering Water/Ice
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