Do you have some time to volunteer with the Freds Pass Rural Show? Would you like to have some fun and meet some great people?

We are looking for you! Freds Pass Rural Show is accepting applications for Volunteers. As a Volunteer, help may be required in the following areas:

  • Administration Support
  • Sponsors
  • Show Hall (Art, craft, cookery, photography, market garden, horticulture)
  • School Garden Competition
  • Ute Muster Coordinator
  • Outback Track/ Information Booth
  • Livestock (Cattle, goats, poultry, pets, Noel's Ark)
  • Equestrian set up(eg Showjumping arena)
  • Grounds
  • VIP Catering
  • Opening ceremony and grand parade
  • Roustabout
  • Transport
  • Other - Specify